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The Best Types of Residential Gate Operators

The Best Types of Residential Gate Operators
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Getting a gate operator or opener is sought after by homeowners who have a long driveway because of the convenience it brings plus the fact that it ensures security and safety. It also adds value to a home.

Before you purchase a new gate opener installation, it is better to be knowledgeable about the different types of operators so you will know which one is best suited to your driveway. You may choose from a sliding, a swing, or a lift type. Each one has its own features so select any one of them depending on your needs.

Swing Gates

The Best Types of Residential Gate OperatorsThese are the most common among all types and the ideal solution for most residential areas. These work like a door as they hang on pillars and swing open and close. It may be a single long panel or two paneled. You must remember that these only work on flat surfaces.

One gate type of this style is the top swing arm operator. This driveway gate opener has an arm that attaches to the gate at the middle height. Another one is the bottom arm operator that has the arm attached to the bottom that makes the gate more appealing. This is also really fast in opening and closing among all operators.

Sliding Gates

This is a good choice recommended by our experts if your driveway has a steep incline and if the space is limited. You do not need to make the surface flat for it to work but this type actually costs more than the swing type. This is commonly used in commercial establishments but there are residences that use this too. Installation of this type needs a lot of expertise.

Lift Gates

This type is ideal for small spaces. Its mechanism is such that it rises up and then lifts out. This is used in commercial garages but is also used in residences where space is really tight.

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